Who Needs a Fit?

Everyone! A bicycle is an array of moving, adjustable parts fixed to a frame. The human body is not an obvious match for such a machine. It takes a professional bike fitting to find the optimum balance, comfort, and efficiency for you on your bike. 

Anyone who wants to be more comfortable and have more endurance, power, and efficiency while riding needs a fit. Why settle for a sore back, knees, and shoulders, numb hands, and general all-around discomfort while riding? There is a better option. Why limit your performance when it is possible to be more efficient and have greater endurance?  It is possible for you to go on longer, faster rides and be more comfortable.

If we're unable to resolve your issue on the bike, you pay nothing until it is fixed.


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The right science. The right fit.

We believe cycling is the most enjoyable sport in the world. Regardless of your size, gender, weight, or age, the experience of cycling always puts you in a more relaxed frame of mind. It’s akin to that first time you pedaled a bicycle on your own. It’s the feeling of freedom.

What makes a great fitter? Training, use of technology, great listening skills to hear each client’s needs and wants, and the ability to mesh these to get the perfect fit for the individual rider.

Ride Science is simply about a great bike fitting.