As much as we love the ride, we put a special emphasis on the science around here, too. Having the right tools and the experience to put them to good use makes all the difference. From the ground up, we use our BioBike and other technologies to create the right fit for you. Power, position, and real-life testing means your fit doesn't end when you leave. We're here to make tweaks and adjustments based on your feedback from the roads and trails. 



The BioBike is a unique ergo-fitting bike with that offers dynamic movement and adjustment without causing the rider to stop pedaling. We can make minute changes to your position based on power output in real-time. There's no guess work; we see results and adjust. 



Our BioBike adjusts to allows you to adjust and tweak your position on the bike without fiddling with components. Keep riding, and we'll carry over the measurements and fit from the BioBike to your rig! 


The Little Things

We use torque to measure output during your fit, which us allows us to quantify changes to everything from handlebar width to crank arm length. With crank options from 145-180mm, we've found this to be an important component to a more efficient, comfortable, and powerful pedal stroke.