Jake Flynn reviewed Ride Science — 5 star

August 19, 2017 · 

I went to Ride Science at the recommendation of some of the fastest local riders. I'll admit I was less than optimistic that a fit could be worth $275. It was! My wattage improved, my efficiency improved, I'm much more comfortable in aero, and my avg mph improved almost 3mph over 100 miles! I'm finally riding respectable times. Mark's attention to detail was unbelievable. He didn't quit until the fit was perfect. He gave tips on how to gain efficiency and wattage. In a sport where we'll spend ridiculous amounts of money for small increments of improvement, this was without doubt, the best money I've invested into the sport since buying my bike! Can't recommend this guy highly enough. If you're considering getting a fit, use Mark at ride science. He's brilliant, he busts his tail making sure your fit is perfect and you will improve as a rider no matter your skill level.

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Megan Doerr reviewed Ride Science — 5 star

October 31, 2017 · 

Not only did Mark instantly recognize problems with my fit, he also worked through the details of stem length changes for different type of riding conditions from technical St to open courses and sprints to long distance mtb races. It's not all measurements with Mark it's measurements in combination with feel and goals plus training technique suggestions to improve power and efficiency. I started the summer with knee pain after a hip surgery and only being able to go 3 hours without basically being unable to pedal with one leg, and I ended the summer completing Leadville and Marjis Gesick. Thank you Mark for your continuous follow ups to ensure I was on the right track and feeling good!