This Is Ride Science

Mark Gerlando spent 22 years as a pit trader in Chicago. Mark and and his wife Karen left the big city to live in GOD'S country, Traverse City, Mich., to follow their passion for science and cycling. Mark studied at the University of Illinois and has continued to study anatomy and bio mechanics at the Gray Institute and the Khan Academy.  Mark is certified through the Serotta International Institute of Cycling and he is certified for Applied Functional Science at the Gray Institute.

Mark has completed an Ironman, marathons, and has undergone multiple surgeries that have taught him the importance of injury prevention.

Ride Science was established in 2012 in his basement, and has expanded into a custom studio on 413 North Division Street in Traverse City.

In just a short time, Mark has become the go-to bike fitter in Northern Michigan, fitting famed cyclists Larry Warbasse and John Leach and members of numerous cycling teams. He’s fitted doctors, electricians, principals, lawyers, triathletes and athletes of all ages.